PREPARATORY A (from 2 to 3 year old kids)

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From Music Success to Life

There is no other teaching method as successful and productive for your child. Your child will begin to develop quickly--right before your own eyes.

He or she will learn so easily and freely that you will regret it if you don't turn your camera on from the very first lesson.

Your whole family will have a new fascinating hobby - music. When you share your experience with your relatives and friends, don't forget to share your experience with us.

We love to add families into our VIP project to give them promotions and discounts. Our graduates win competitions, act in movies, become the best students, achievers, and successful individuals.

We build better minds with the power of music.

Your Home Music Academy

You don’t have to drive or go anywhere. You don't need to expose your child to any infections. Your toddler will not need to get used to something or someone new.
You will begin learning together immediately after receiving the materials . . . just a few minutes after subscribing!
You will receive fascinating material for working with your child at home. You will learn to play “quotes” from musical masterpieces, listen to music and play unique games. The results will exceed all your expectations.

Your TO-DO list to start with us:

  • Provide your child with a digital keyboard (at least 61 keys) or a piano with MIDI PC input (Mac, Windows)
  • Download the free demo version of the software component and synchronize the work of your piano and your computer. Read carefully the FAQ on the bottom of the page. .
  • Make sure to sync. Only then buy access to the full version of the program on the same page.

  • Start working with your child using the lesson plans with all the information and video examples
  • Keep a diary of your child's progress on our website in the form of notes, photos and videos and get feedback from professionals and the community
  • Participate in our academic recitals online using YouTube channel links.
  • Receive certificates, diplomas and insignia by snail mail after the nomination of your materials by our professionals

Do you want to study with a teacher?
Email us! Our certified specialists are proficient in the #softmozart teaching technique and speak different languages.

We are endorsed and acknowledged by the following schools:

"Soft Mozart is a great find for children, parents and teachers. From the very first lesson, it enables a student to actually start playing the piano. This is as true for a child as it is for an adult, who has dreamed of playing the piano, but was unable to do so in childhood. The program is truly unique: it distinctly and clearly presents all co-components that are required for playing a musical instrument. Both my daughters and each of my little students love learning new songs. They also continue to perfect the pieces in an effort to win against a computer, a teacher or a parent. Both the parents and the students can see and enjoy the small victories that with regular practice turn into great achievements!" Lubov Yanpolsky, Orangefrogisrael Piano Studio, Israel

"This program is a break-through approach because with its help, any person, regardless of his or her talent, can learn how to read the music score and play the piano (or other keyboard instrument) with both hands and all ten fingers. This is important for development of music ear, memory, and for the sake of pleasure in learning music."
A soloist of Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society, A full member of Russian National Academy of Natural Science, The president of Yuri Rozum International Charitable Foundation, A national artist of Russia Yuri Rozum

"Soft Mozart is an amazing program. It’s worth every penny . . .

My 3-year-old son plays with both hands at the same time. I couldn’t imagine such a thing. The fact is that he plays such music pieces now in his 3 years that I was not able to when I was eleven or twelve.

Awesome !!!

Galina, a home schooling parent and now Soft Mozart music instructor

How does it all work?

You will start receiving weekly lessons and materials to be able to work with your child at home. Computer and printer are required.

How often I have to provide lessons for my child?

It depends on your child and your ability to provide sessions, Each training letter contains a pedagogical part, which gives the answers to all your questions about the psychological features of children of a very young age and detailed descriptions of how often you need to study and when to finish the classes on time. The beauty of studying at home is that classes can be organized at any time. You will have a lot of flexibility.

Will I manage with no teacher?

Yes. Your music lessons will be completely based oninteraction with a unique program and training algorithm. You will seethat it is quite simple to perfectly manage your lessons at this stagewithout a teacher. You will just play exciting games together, but theresults will be real.

In case you would like to have a teacher wewill give you the references for Soft Mozart and Hiner Method Certifiedprofessionals that will guide you remotely.

Our system isworld class tool for learning and teaching music and we have highskilled professionals worldwide that will be able to help you with yourlearning needs.

What equipment will I need for my lessons?

You will need a computer, a synthesizer (at least five-octave, with a MIDI input), as well as a cable connecting these components. We will help you go step-by-step from the very basics to understanding the operation of the system and the method.

Will I receive any human guidance with my teaching needs?

You can get support at any time on our forum or by emailing us at Our international team of teachers and parents will certainly help any time.

Do I have to be musically literate to be able to teach my child?

Not at all. We will teach you and/or any member of your family both pedagogy and musical literacy from scratch. You will be slightly ahead of your child and lead him along.

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